in shoe pressure measurement - treadmill

FootWork In-Shoe pressure measurement system boasts a new type of capacitive sensor and a transmission case that keeps the legs free from wires or hindrance.

Study the foot’s behaviour in shoe, with or without orthotics. Data can be capture wirelessly or collected via an SD card, enabling your patient to roam. These thin supple in-shoe pressure measurement systems can be used even without shoes.

Screengrabs. In-shoe software in action.

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General Overview
Forces B
FootWork In-Shoe: Force Charts
Full screen display all captured force curves both left and right. This section enables you to remove rouge data such as miss-strikes. The software calculates the mean curve and displays the mode (the one nearest to the average) . You can choose any curve to display.
All Steps
Footwork In-Shoe: Dynamic Video - Steps and Curves
Analyse your patients foot loading, how the CoP progresses in relation to the maximum pressure - frame by frame. Charts displaying synchronous Time v Force/Area/Pressure can be enlarged for in depth examination.
Footwork In-Shoe: Dynamic View - Study Area Selection
The Study Area enables you to delve into the foots discrete loading data. There are 6 predefined areas (Automatic), new Medial/Lateral pre-set and a user defined Manual area. Study the timing and loading of specific areas – compare; pre-intervention, symmetry etc. Data is displayed numerically and graphically.
FootWork In-Shoe: Dynamic View - Automatic Study Area
The curves and data from a pre-set study area - in this instance the foot has been divided into 9 - Hallax, individual Met heads etc. each are colour coded. They are then displayed in the Force v Time curve and the individual data on either side.
FootWork In-Shoe: Dynamic View - Automatic Study Area Englarged
As the previous slide, but in full screen mode, allowing you to identify the precise loading sequence and timing of the individual areas.
Footwork In-Shoe: Dynamic View - Velocity
Although the path and its velocity of the CoP can be seen in the Video section of FootWork Pro - the speed is dependent on your PC's processor. Here we can study the velocity of the foot in relationship with the CoP. Note: Current, Mean, Minimum and Maximum speed is indicated as is the Acceleration beneath the display
FootWork In-Shoe: Dynamic 3D
Pressure is displayed in 3D - the higher the pressure the higher the peak. You have the ability to change the colour display, the 3D scale as well as rotate it's position. The 3D display can be shown as Mean or Maximum Pressure as well as temporal.

IDEAL FOR: Injury Rehabilitation. Elite Performance. Research.