Footwork Pro Capacitive Pressure Measurement Plate

The definitive capacitive pressure measurement plate. As seen on BBC1’s ‘Doctor in the House’.

FootWork Pro pressure plate accurately records and displays barefoot plantar pressure data for clinical/physical examination. Unlike other systems FootWork can record a multitude of samples displaying the results as an ‘average’, greatly improving accuracy and interpretation.

Evaluate: Pressure | Function | Symmetry | Timing | Balance | Orthotics | Footwear

Supporting diagnosis and mode of treatment, the FootWork Pro Pressure Plate simplifies the understanding of foot loading, timing and symmetry instantly. It is uniquely intuitive to use with fast data processing and excellent graphics. All sensor data can be exported in neat CSV files for those who wish to use the Footwork Pro as a research tool.

The FootWork Pro Pressure Plate is inexpensive, robust and simple to use and all backed up by excellent customer service.

Footwork Pro Software:

The FootWork Pro is delivered with three key analysis modules:

  • Dynamic
  • Double Static Stance
  • Single Static Stance

Please see below the latest software showing the Dynamic Analysis is action.  An additional video module is also available.

For more information on the Footwork Pro or a demo please call us on 01344 623 883 or contact us.

N.B: Unlike other pressure measurement devices, FootWork Pro does not require the annual expense of recalibration or replacement of pressure sensitive layers.

Download the pdf information Download the Footwork Pro PDF


Footwork Pro. The Software In Action.

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Video Study[Click to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Video Study

The study area enables you to delve into the foots discrete loading data. There are 6 predefined areas (automatic) as well as the ability for you to design manual area’s. Study the timing and loading of specific areas with data displayed numerically and graphically

Footwork Pro Dynamic Scan Overview[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Overview

With Footwork Pro you can capture as many foot strikes as you like before the software displays the ‘mean’ (you can delete misplaced/poor foot strikes). The general overview is the 1st screen you will see and it displays pressure as a mean, a maximum, a pressure time integral or a based on contact time. You can also see the Centre of Pressure progression line (gait line), peak pressure line and foot axis angles.

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Force time curves[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Force time curves

Full screen display of force time curves for each foot. The display  allows you to view the mean the mode and the standard deviation of all foot strikes. Alternatively, you can click through individual foot strikes and delete any anomalies.

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – 3D Pressure[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – 3D Pressure

Pressure can be displayed in 3D and assessed as mean or max pressure as well as time of contact or a pressure time integral. The higher the pressure the higher the peak. On this screen you can change the display colour, rotate the image and adjust the speed of the scan playback.

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Velocity Assessment[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Dynamic Scan – Velocity Assessment

Study the velocity of the foot in relation to the centre of pressure. Assess current, mean, minimum and maximum speed and acceleration throughout the foot strike

Footwork Pro Static Scan[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Static Scan – Overview

Static data taken over a set time – not just a snapshot. Ecah foot displays its centre and its maximum point of pressure. The position of each foots CoP to the overall CoP is automatically displayed in cm’s. The software calculates pressure distribution, left and right feet as well as forefoot and rearfoot. Tools for measuring angles and distance are also available. Other Static scan options include single leg stance, 3d image and video.

FOOTWORK PRO: Static Scan – Stabilometry[Click image to enlarge]

FOOTWORK PRO: Static Scan – Stabilometry

Graphical displays of oscillation of CoP in both Left and Right and overall CoP. Temporal displays of lateral/medial and anterior/posterior sway. All measurements are highlighted and displayed

What our clients say:

“The FootWork Pro gives all the discreet force data required for clinical practice, with many useful functions for a more in-depth analysis and yet is uniquely intuitive to use. Fast processing with excellent graphics and animations, it’s inexpensive, robust and backed up by good customer service.”

David Smith
MSc Applied Biomechanics


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Footwork Pro Clients

Optional Extras


  • Auto recognition left and right foot
  • Displays ‘Mean’ pressure
  • Centre of pressure line (COP)
  • Maximum value tracking
  • Visualise velocity of pressure
  • Force/Pressure v Time Curves
  • Auto phases Rear/Mid/Forefoot
  • Manual & automatic ‘Study Areas’
  • Customisable Client Database
  • Detailed reports with email options
  • 2 year guarantee

Technical Specs

  • Active Area: 490 x 490 mm
  • Sensor Size: 7.6 x 7.6 mm
  • Calibration: 100% Digital
  • Plate Thickness: 4 mm
  • Sensor Type: Capacitor
  • Pressure Range: 10Kpa / 1200Kpa
  • Total Size: 645 x 520 x 25mm
  • Accuracy Approx: 5%
  • Temperature: -10 + 45 Degree C
  • Weightv 4Kg Hysteresis < 3%
  • Coating: Polycarbonate
  • No Sensors: 4,096
  • Connectivity USB 2
  • Frame Composite

Ideal for: Clinical Use. Hospitals. Universities.